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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Going Native

The vagaries of geology have dictated that the U.K has only roughly 33 native tree species.All these trees are those that re-colonized these islands after the last ice age, some 10.000 years ago, and before rising sea levels cut us off from Europe.

The Pyrenees, running east/west, presented a barrier that stopped trees from ‘migrating’ south as the ice covered the earth, then back north as the ice retreated- as they could in North America- and this is why we have so few native species.

Our native fauna and flora thus depend on a small group of trees, and some of them are threatened;
The red squirrel- endangered by his grey cousin, a serious pest.
Black Poplar – by loss of habitat.

Our native Oak alone provides food and shelter for hundreds of species!

Treeflights only plant native trees, which we grow ourselves, without chemicals or pesticides.


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