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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Living Greener

Moving up to Mid-Wales from London has made me realize how 'lightly' it is possible to live. Up here we are 'off grid'- no mains electricity, water or gas. Luckily we have broadband! Ru has dammed his stream, and pipes water from the dam to power a self-designed hydroelectric system that charges the batteries. In summer, when the stream is too feeble, his solar panels kick in, also charging up the cells.

We do get a few mechanical problems. At the moment, the Hydro is down. Could be a frog stuck in the pipe, could be the electrics, could be a dozen things. You need to be resourceful and enthusiastic to keep overcoming all the problems!

Of course you can just throw money at it, but where's the challenge in that?

I like the idea of not throwing all your money away on corporate fossil fuels, when sunlight, rain and wind can provide all your needs. Not to mention all the other new technologies- Combined heat and power, Ground Source Heat Pump systems ect. If you grow your own fruit and veg as well, your on the way to stepping lightly.



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